Community Groups

When you hear us talk about Community Groups, we're talking about ALL groups:

A - At Home Groups

B - Bible Study Groups

C - Connect Groups

D - Discipleship Groups

Home Groups

These are our groups that typically meet in homes every other week to support one another by simply doing life together. These groups typically have a meal, a time of prayer, and a discussion. However, all groups are free to take on whatever format best fits their group.

 Most groups are based on Sermon Discussion.  

Bible Study

Bible Study groups take place all throughout the year and can be added at anytime if you aren interested in leading one.

Ed Saucier, our founding pastor, leads a mens only lunch study on Wednesdays at 11:50 in the Student Venue.  Lunch is catered and available for a donation.

We also have a ladies Bible Study on Tuesdays at 10am in The Learning Center.

connect Groups

These are hobby or interest based…

...if you want to go hiking, you may point people to that group. Backpacking? There can be a group for that. Fishing? Working out?  You name it, we can create it.

If you've got an idea for a group, let us know and we can help resource what you need to get it going.

discipleship groups

Discipleship groups are gender specific and are typically a one-year commitment to read the Bible through in a year. They meet weekly for prayer, support, and discussion on the week’s weekly reading.

Discipleship groups are devoted to developing relationships and accountability as well as teaching life lessons as we journey together rather than just reading the Bible through in a year.