• Jesus

    Everything we do at Community Bible is all about Jesus. Jesus was a man who claimed to be God and in him you can find forgiveness and a radically new life.


    Have you ever noticed that in certain areas of the country there are things you simply cannot ignore? They’re a vital part of the culture. For example, in the River Valley you simply cannot ignore the Arkansas Razorbacks, fan or not.


    Our prayer is that God would use Community Bible to make Jesus impossible to ignore in the River Valley.


    We would love to see you at any of our locations this weekend as we seek to make Jesus known in our communities.

  • What We Believe

    The Bible

    We believe the Word of God is enclosed in both the Old and New Testaments. They are inspired of God, in whole and in part. They are error-free in the original writings and are the supreme authority of faith and practice for the believer in Jesus Christ. We further believe in the author's original intent of any biblical passage with different practical applications. (Psalm 119:160; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Hebrews 1:1-2, 4:12)



    We believe there is but one living and true God who is infinite, eternal and unchangeable. We further believe that God is one in essence while existing in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Though each person of the Godhead possesses precisely the same nature and attributes, each functions differently in respect to God’s purposes and dealings with man. (Deuteronomy 4:39, 6:4; Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14)


    The Father

    The first person of the Trinity orders and directs all things according to his own purpose, pleasure and grace. The Father is sovereign in creation, providence and redemption. He has decreed all things that come to pass for his own glory. He graciously involves himself in the affairs of men, hears and answers prayer, and saves from sin and death all who come to him through Jesus Christ. (1 Chronicles 29:11; Psalm 103:19; Matthew 6:9; John 5:19-24; Ephesians 1:3-6)


    The Son

    The second person of the Trinity is both the eternal Son of God and virgin-born Son of man. Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, surrendered nothing of his deity during his earthly life. Having led a sinless life, he satisfied the Father’s justice concerning sin by his substitutionary death. We believe in his bodily resurrection, his physical ascension and his visible return to earth to establish his earthly kingdom. (John 1:14-18; Acts 1:11; Romans 3:24-26; 1 Corinthians 15:1-8; Colossians 2:9; Hebrews 2:16-18; Revelation 20:11-15)


    The Holy Spirit

    The third person of the Trinity executes the will of God in the world of men. It is the Holy Spirit who applies the salvation that Jesus Christ secured through his death on the cross. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. It is the Holy Spirit who empowers the church to live a lifestyle pleasing to God, endowing it with special gifts that equip believers to accomplish distinct ministries, planned beforehand by God the Father. (John 3:1-8 & 15-16, 15:4-15; 1 Corinthians 12; Galatians 5:16-25; Ephesians 1:13-14, 5:18-21)



    We believe that humankind was directly created in the image of God to enjoy his fellowship and to fulfill God’s will on earth. Through the first humans, Adam and Eve, humanity sinned by a voluntary act of personal disobedience to the will of God; as a result, all people are spiritually dead and subject to the certainty of physical death. The fall of humanity was a non-repeatable historical fact, the effects of which are transmitted to all persons, each of whom is born with a sinful nature and sins habitually in thought, word and deed. (Genesis 1:26-27, 2:7, 3:3-4; Romans 1:18-32, 3:10-23; Ephesians 2:1-3)



    We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins as the only sufficient, substitutionary sacrifice. All who believe in him are declared justified by the Father on the grounds of Jesus’ death and resurrection. All who receive the Lord Jesus Christ by grace through faith have been regenerated by and baptized in the Holy Spirit. They become, thereby, the children of God forever and members of the one true church, the universal Body of Christ. This salvation will result in righteous living and good works as the believer submits his or her life to the control of the Holy Spirit who directs the life of the believer in harmony with the Word of God. (John 1:12, 3:16, 5:24, 14:6; Acts 4:12; Romans 3:21-26, 5:8; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4; Galatians 3:26; Ephesians1:7, 2:8-10; Titus 3:4-7; Hebrews 10:10-12; 1 John 5:11-13)


    The Church

    We believe that all who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit belong to the one true universal church and are directed by the Scriptures to associate themselves in local, visible churches. The local church is the only scriptural representation of Christ’s invisible church and consists only of regenerated believers. The local church is autonomous in its government and recognizes its own members for biblical offices and leadership positions. Two ordinances have been committed to the local church — baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The purpose of the church is to lead men to Christ, mature them in the faith, and equip them for personal ministry. (Matthew 16:13-28, 28:18-20; Acts 2:41-47, 4:1-16; 1 Corinthians 11:23-29; Ephesians 2:19-22, 4:11-13; Hebrews 10:23-25; 1 Peter 5:1-3)



    We believe that God in his own time and in his own way will bring an appropriate end to the earth. This will include Jesus Christ’s bodily and visible return to earth. In which the righteous will receive an eternal relationship in his presence and the unrighteous will be condemned to an eternity of judgment. (Matthew 24-25; John 14:1-3; Acts 1:9-11; 1 Corinthians 15:20-28; 1Thessalonians 4:15-17; Revelation 20:1-4)

  • Values


    We will respect all people because all people matter to God.



    We will seek to know and live God’s Truth in every circumstance.


    We will give grace to others because we have received grace from God.



    We will give generously of our time, abilities and resources.


    First & Best:

    We will always bring our best because the greatness of God deserves nothing less.


    Eternal Impact:

    We will glorify God and expand His Kingdom in all that we do.



    We will give up good things for great things.



    We will equip and empower the next generation to boldly usher the Church into the future.

  • Sunday Service

    Community Bible Church exists to be a church who finds life in Jesus, loves our neighbors, and helps others do the same.


    At first glance, we could say that our culture is relaxed. There is no pressure for first-time guests or for long-time attenders. We allow people to make decisions in their own time. Our dress is casual. Our worship services are fun. Our small groups are informal and down to earth.


    Our regular services are:

    Fort Smith (FSM), Van Buren (VB) - Sundays @ 9:00am & 10:30am

    Greenwood (GWD), North Fort Smith (NFSM) -  Sundays @ 10:30am


    Sunday mornings have a relaxed feel at Community. You will see everything from shorts and t-shirts to the occasional tie (although you'll rarely catch our staff wearing a tie). The point is dress comfortably. We're not trying to impress you, so don't try to impress us. The best clothing for worship is clothing which goes unnoticed.


    We have children's programs for kids elementary age and younger. Our volunteers will be happy to escort you and your children to their proper classroom. For security purposes, you will receive a number that corresponds with your child. If a need arises during the service your child's number will be displayed for you to retrieve you child. At the end of the service only the person presenting the correct number will be allowed to pick up your child. Students are encouraged to attend regular service.

  • Staff
    Stacey Chastain
    Administrative Assistant


    To contact Stacey, click HERE.


    Stacey has been a member of Community since 1997 and joined the staff in May 2008. She attained her BSE from the University of Arkansas in 1992. She began working at Community as the Birth-Kindergarten director then transitioned to Administrative support staff in 2015.


    Stacey and her husband, Darren are lifelong residents of Fort Smith and have been married since 1993. They have 3 children, Garrett, Caroline and Ben.



    Rachel Dahl
    Director of Students, Van Buren


    To contact Rachel, click HERE.


    Rachel, a native of Fort Smith, AR, joined the Community Bible staff officially in March of 2014. She has been leading worship at Community Bible since 2009 and is now taking on the role of Children’s Director for the Van Buren Campus. She helps on a ministry team for the Van Buren Student Ministry and handles the administrative duties for the Van Buren campus.


    Rachel graduated from the University of Arkansas in December of 2013 with her degree in Hospitality Management. Rachel loves to serve others and try out new recipes on her friends, family, and the rest of the staff. Rachel married Andrew Dahl in 2016 and their son Jack was born in 2018. 



    Richy Fisher
    Lead Pastor


    To contact Richy, click HERE.


    Richy grew up in Van Buren, Arkansas. He arrived at Community Bible in 2018 as our Executive Pastor. Richy received his education at Oklahoma Baptist University. Richy has previous ministry experience at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Houston, Texas where he was the Pastor of Student Minsitry for nearly 15 years. Prior to that he served as Pastor of Student Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon Oklahoma for 11 years. Richy also founded a ministry called Lead 222.


    Richy and his bride Susan just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. They have three sons; Nathan, Ryan, and William.     



    Jackie Flake
    Pastor to North Fort Smith


    To contact Jackie, click HERE.


    Jackie, a native of Fort Smith, has served in various ministry settings ranging from collegiate ministries to pastoral ministries – including Pastor of Discipleship and Church Planting Pastor – in both Arkansas and Connecticut. After graduating from the Fort Smith Public School system, he went on to earn his Bachelor of Science from Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas and then his Master of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri.


    Jackie and his bride Cedra have been married since 1989. He is also the father of four daughters; Kessia, Jayde, Joi, and Jania.



    Maclane Forbus
    Pastor to Greenwood


    To contact Maclane, click HERE.


    Maclane is originally from Snellville Georgia. Maclane and his wife Kerrie moved to Greenwood Arkansas in August of 2016. They have three children; Samuel, Anna, and Sarah. Maclane is passionate about the Word, his family, and his Bulldogs... both Greenwood and Georgia. Maclane graduated from Trinity College of the Bible with his undergraduate degree and then pursued his masters at Samford University.   



    Troy Jarrell
    Worship Pastor - Greenwood


    To contact Troy, click HERE.


    Troy arrived at Community Bible during the summer of 2012. He is a native of Northwest Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) where he was born and raised. He first attended THE Ohio State University then transferred to Bowling Green State University where he graduated in 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Telecommunications with a focus on video production. Troy oversees the worship and media at the Greenwood Campus.


    He married his wife, Dana, in 2003 and moved to the Arkansas River Valley in 2005. They cheer for the Greenwood Bulldogs with their three children, Vada, Wesley, and Ian.



    Michelle Kincannon


    To contact Michelle, click HERE.


    Michelle currently shares this role with Susan Kincannon (no relation) as they oversee all accounting, payroll, contributions, payables, human resources, the physical plant, and day-to-day operations of the church office. While completing her Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Arkansas, she was also a Razorback Cheerleader, a member of Arkansas Athletes Outreach, and involved in the college ministry of University Baptist Church.


    Michelle is married to Mark and is the mother of their three children, Mason, Maddax, and Mackenzie.



    Susan Kincannon


    To contact Susan, click HERE.


    After a brief hiatus from Community’s staff, Susan returned in 2006 to share the role of church administrator. Susan works with Michelle Kincannon to oversee all accounting, payroll, contributions, payables, human resources, the physical plant, and day-to-day operations of the church office.


    Born and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee, she holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University. She and her husband, Bart, who is a Fort Smith native, keep very busy raising their three children, Jack, Beth, and Joseph.



    Nick Kyrouac
    Children's Pastor - Fort Smith


    To contact Nick, click HERE.


    Nick joined the Community Bible team during the summer of 2015. He is a native of Northeast Illinois, where he found his passion for the Chicago White Sox. Nick moved to Fort Smith with his family in 2005. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Rockbridge Seminary, and his bachelor's degree in Media Communications from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. He oversees the CB-Kids ministry(Birth-5th Grade) at the Fort Smith Campus, is a member of the Preaching and Teaching Team, and assists with video and graphic production.


    He married his wife, Allison Grace, in 2014. Nick and Allison live in Fort Smith with their dogs Abraham Lincoln and Anderson as well as their cat Leia Organa. They have recently added a son to their family... baby Jones was born on December 11, 2021. 



    William McCormack
    Building and Grounds Supervisor


    To contact William, click HERE.


    William joined the staff in 2006 and serves Community as building and grounds supervisor. Before coming to Community, he worked for ten years as a commercial and residential construction supervisor for Griffin Construction. After graduating from Southside High School in 1986, he joined the Air Force and was stationed in New Jersey where he lived for 10 years. He moved back to Fort Smith in 1996 where he now makes his home with his wife, Christie and his oldest son, Chase and youngest son, Evan.



    Casey Moore
    Worship Leader - Van Buren


    To contact Casey, click HERE.


    Casey is the Worship Leader at the Van Buren Campus and was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but raised in Waco, Texas. He moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas in the fall or 2012, where he started as a intern at Community Bible. 


    He married his wife, Channing, in March of 2017. Their son Dawson was born in May of 2020. 



    Frankie Post
    Pastor to Fort Smith / Celebrate Recovery


    To contact Frankie, click HERE.


    Frankie joined Community in 2009 to help our pastoral staff launch the Greenwood campus. He is a Greenwood native, and after graduating high school in Greenwood, he went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from The College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, and his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. Frankie’s passion is teaching the Word, and he feels honored that God has brought him back to the River Valley to reach people with the love of Christ. Frankie also is a chaplain to the Greenwood Police department as well as a professor for the John Brown University Fort Smith Center. In January of 2014, Frankie transitioned into our Celebrate Recovery ministry and is now our Pastor of Celebrate Recovery. Frankie also became our Fort Smith Campus Pastor in March of 2022. 


    He and his wife, Susanna, have a son, Hayden, and two daughters, Hallie and Harper.



    Chris Rofkahr
    Facilities Caretaker


    To contact Chris, click HERE.


    Chris is a Fort Smith native and has served on staff at Community Bible for almost ten years. He and his wife Nikki have three children; Brilea, Landon, and Hayden.  



    Ed Saucier
    Founding Pastor


    To contact Ed, click HERE.


    Ed is the Founding Pastor of our church and continues to provide pastoral ministry for the staff and community of believers at Community Bible. As a teaching pastor Ed’s role is two-fold: first, as an occasional teacher for the congregation and second, as a mentor to the younger members of our teaching/preaching team. For the past five years Ed has also served as the Ministry Leader for Celebrate Recovery. He received his baccalaureate degree in Theology in 1977 from Oklahoma Baptist University, a Master of Theology degree in 1981 and the Doctor of Ministry degree in 1983, both from International Bible Institute and Seminary.


    Ed and his wife Shara have one daughter, Jennifer, and 3 grandchildren: Lily, Jake, and Maddox.



    Chris Stacy
    Student Pastor - Fort Smith


    To contact Chris, click HERE.


    Chris moved from Atlanta, GA to join the Community Bible staff in April of 2017 to serve as the Student Pastor. He graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Student Ministry and has been serving students ever since. In addition to spending time with his family and students, he loves to be outdoors, especially on the lake, wake boarding and wake surfing.


    Chris married his wife Tammy in 2006, and they are the proud parents of their son, Tanner, and daughter, Carly.



    Doug Young
    Pastor to Van Buren


    To contact Doug, click HERE.


    Doug is a Van Buren Native who joined the Community Bible staff in December of 2014 as the Pastor to the Van Buren Campus. Doug is passionate about investing in the lives of people in his home town. His heart is to love people where they are and help them grow spiritually and to teach them how to do that for others. In January of 2015 Doug married Jana (a Memphis, TN native) and they left their ministry positions in Branson, MO and migrated south to Van Buren. Doug loves to be with people (especially his wife), competition of all kinds, playing basketball, the Razorbacks and duck hunting. Doug and Jana had their baby Bo in September of 2016.