• Community Kids (Birth - Kindergarten)

    The Birth - Kindergarten ministry at Community Bible meets during the Sunday morning worship services. Our vision is to reach newborn through five-year-old children for Christ in a creative way through hands-on learning and loving relationships. We have a strong desire to come alongside parents in helping their children grow closer to God through a personal relationship with Him. By offering a safe, clean, and loving environment, our trained volunteers teach kids the Bible in a way in which they can learn comfortably and effectively.


    In 2 Timothy 3:15, Paul writes, "...and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus." We want the hour we spend with the children on Sunday to be one of the best hours of their week. Our preschool ministry takes seriously the opportunity and responsibility to teach young children the foundations of the Gospel; we are confident that with lives built on the rock of Christ, transformed children will transform their world.


    FSM Campus: For more information, contact Nick Kyrouac.

    GWD Campus: For more information, contact Maclane Forbus.

    VB Campus: For more information, contact Doug Young.

  • Community Kids (C-123)

    C-123 is our Sunday morning ministry for children in the 1st through 3rd grades and whether it’s a Wild West Round-Up or a Treasure Quest through the jungle, every week in C-123 is an adventure. We know children learn best in an environment that is fun and creative, so here at Community we are commited to ministering to your children in a non-traditional way. The kids spend time in a large group setting where they can be comfortable as kids with upbeat music, fun games, crazy characters, and serious Bible study. They then go to small groups where they learn with other children their age in a hands-on setting.


    By building relationships with each child, the small group leaders are able to show kids the love of Christ, not just tell them about it. We hope the hour we spend with the kids on Sunday can be one of the best hours of their week. Our goal is to work with the parents in growing their children in Christ and help the kids develop a personal relationship with Him. As He transforms their hearts and lives, we are convinced He will transform their homes, their classrooms, and their world.


    FSM Campus: For more information, contact Julie Deckelman.

    GWD Campus: For more information, contact Maclane Forbus.

    VB Campus: For more information, contact Doug Young.

  • Community Kids (C-456)

    C-456 is designed for kids in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades and is offered during both worship services on Sunday mornings. It is a great place for kids to build relationships with each other and with their small group leaders. By this stage, our ministry serves not only to teach, but also to hold accountable and encourage higher levels of spiritual formation through Scripture memory and Bible study. As we come alongside the parents and teach in a way the kids can relate to, we hope to assist in Christ’s transformation of their lives. Transformed children will transform their world.


    FSM Campus: For more information, contact Nick Kyrouac.

    GWD Campus: For more information, contact Maclane Forbus.

    VB Campus: For more information, contact Rachel Dishner.

  • Community Kids Wednesdays (Van Buren)

    Community Kids Wednesdays - Van Buren is offering 8 week sessions at the Van Buren campus from 5:30-7pm


    VB Campus: For more information, contact Doug Young.

  • Community Students



    We are the student ministry at Community Bible Church. Through teaching, worship, small groups, mission trips, retreats and more, we seek to engage, equip, and empower teenagers to do far more than they or adults normally expect them to do.  


    We like to have fun and we want to create space for students to be able to process biblical teaching and do life together. Come experience STUDENTS for yourself!


    FSM Campus:

    6th Grade - 12th Grade

    Wednesday Night  //  6:30 - 8:30


    Drop off is on the back side of the church. We meet in The Venue in the Student Building.


    For schedule information, contact our Student Pastor, Chris Stacy, or visit communitystudents.org.



    GWD Campus:

    7th Grade - 12th Grade | 6-7:30pm

    Wednesday Night on the GWD Campus


    For more information, contact our GWD Campus Pastor Maclane Forbus.


    VB Campus:

    6th Grade - 12th Grade | 5:30-7:30pm

    Wednesday Night on the VB Campus


    For more information, contact Rachel Dahl.


    Visit communitystudents.org to stay up to date on upcoming events!

  • CB Groups

    CB Groups are intentional relational environments where people will grow as disciples of Jesus. Groups are central to the Community Bible mission. We are praying that every person in our city find meaningful community in a small group.


    Community Groups are built on three foundational relationships.


    1. Loving God – Because of Who God is, the highest and first aim of our groups is to nurture a deep love and more intimate relationship with the God of the Bible.


    2. Loving Each Other – Out of our love for God, our groups will pursue to nurture relationships with one another where we joyfully serve and care for one another.


    3. Loving The World – Out of our love for one another we will pursue to serve those outside of the family of God so that they too can know the goodness of a relationship with God and in His family.


    Frequently Asked Questions About CB Groups


    How do I find a group?

    The simplest way is to fill out the form HERE. You can also find a list of the groups in the church lobby by the CB Groups display.


    What happens in a small group meeting?

    Though each group is unique, many of them include sharing a meal together, discussing the Bible, prayer. Most groups also find a way to serve in the community at various times.


    How big are the groups?

    Groups vary in size from 8-16.


    Do I have to be a member of Community Bible to join a small group?

    No. Everyone is welcome to be a part of a group.


    When and where do the groups meet?

    Most groups meet on various evenings throughout the week in homes. There are a limited number of Bible studies that meet in the church building.


    How often do groups meet?

    They meet either weekly or every other week. Each group determines how often they meet. Group meetings typically last 1 ½ to 2 hrs.


    Is it okay to visit different groups?

    It often takes time to connect to community, so please feel free to visit different groups until you find a group to join.


    What do the groups study?

    Each group leader selects what their group will study, and many adult groups utilize the discussion guide in the bulletin that accompany each sermon. Contact the group leader if you would like to know what a specific group is studying.


    What if I need childcare?

    Some groups that meet on Wednesday evenings utilize the Wednesday night children’s programing. For groups that meet at other times, contact the group leader for how they handle childcare.


    Who do I contact if I am interested in leading a group?

    We are always praying for God to provide us with more group leaders. If you would like more information, contact your campus pastor.

  • Celebrate Recovery

    Celebrate Recovery is a network of highly imperfect people helping other highly imperfect people learn the skills that help us navigate our way through a world that is very often toxic and painful by providing a safe place for all people to receive and to give support in dealing with the hurts, habits and hang-ups that we all face.


    We attempt to accomplish this by learning, understanding, and practicing the traditional 12 steps of recovery as well as 8 recovery principles from the New Testament. The goal of Celebrate Recovery is complete transformation where both the mind and the body benefit from learning new and effective ways to cope with our past, our present, and our future redemptively. We understand that authentic transformation occurs over time and is rarely quick and is never perfect.


    By diligent application of our new skills we slowly begin to discover the presence and reality of a forgiving and an empowering God that is active on our behalf—the reason we celebrate. Through our work and celebration we begin to experience moments of freedom from addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors of our past. By continuing with our program we find that these moments of freedom gradually become our new way of life.


    Through Celebrate Recovery we believe it’s possible to renew and reinvigorate every relationship we have, at least from our perspective. We can’t control other people, and we don’t attempt to. We simply endeavor to control our own thoughts and behaviors based on the truth taught by Jesus. You’re certainly welcome to attend the next Celebrate Recovery meeting. We all welcome your participation and happily invite you to check us out.


    For more information, call the church office at 479.452.9201 or contact Frankie Post.


    Celebrate Recovery meets every Tuesday night at 6pm (including holidays) in the Worship Center on the Fort Smith campus. You don’t need to be a member or regular attendee of Community Bible Church to attend. It is for men and women, 18-years-old and older and childcare is available for those with younger children. Celebration Place and the Landing are 52-week programs that mirror Celebrate Recovery curriculum, discovering the same truths in age-appropriate ways.

  • Missions

    At Community Bible, we understand that God is always at work. He is continuously working for His glory here in our local area, while simultaneously doing the same among all parts of the world. We know and acknowledge that we have been commanded to “make disciples of all nationsMatthew 28:18-20. With this mandate in mind, we take heed to this concept as we minister to “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earthActs 1:7-8. Missions is fueled by the overflow of the heart of the believer. As we follow Christ, and grow deeper in our understanding of who God is and what He has truly done for us we cannot help but proclaim His name to the nations. As Christ followers, our worship compels us to act.


    As our mission continues to unfold, our church has committed to support God’s work among the nations. Whether through monetary support, supplying physical resources, or the sending of individuals and families, our church seeks to see God glorified among all peoples. We also see the importance of continuous efforts to and with mission partners. Returning to the same places year after year has allowed us to build on-going partnerships in ministry with others around the world.


    Currently, our church supports mission efforts in Asia, Honduras, India, and various ministries locally and across the U.S.