­­What is the cost for my child to play baseball for Community Bible Church?


The cost for 2019 is $110.00 for the FSCL player fees. Returning players may reuse their jersey and hat from last year; new ones are not required.


New players, and those who require replacement jerseys or hats will pay an additional $40.00 for a new jersey, and $20.00 for a new hat.


What does the payment include?


All fees are direct costs for playing in Church League. While the League officials ("the yellow hats") all volunteer their time, the money charged each player helps to defray the salaries of the umpires and grounds crew. Travel ball tournaments are scheduled during the season to further defray the costs, as well as provide funding for park improvements. The money also helps to defray costs charged to Community Bible (CB) for such things as league membership and insurance.


Are scholarships available?


Yes, scholarships are available on a need basis. CB wants every child who wishes to play to have the opportunity to do so. If you need further information, please contact the church office or see a baseball volunteer at the mandatory players/parents meeting for further assistance.


How and when do I pay?


Our mandatory meeting will be Tuesday, February 19, 2019. If your child has never played baseball for Community Bible Church, the mandatory meeting will begin at 6:00 pm. Please enter through the main doors at the front of the worship center. All returning players and parents should drop in between 6:30 and 8:00 pm on that night.  No payments will be accepted before 6:30.


Fees can be paid by cash, check, or credit card at the meeting.


1 parent or guardian MUST APPEAR & SIGN ROSTER FORM @ this meeting.


We need new uniform shirts or hats. Where can I get sizing information?


The mandatory players/parents meeting will include stations which will have various size jerseys and hats. Record these sizes on the order form handed out that night before payment. These will be turned in for ordering.


When does the season start, and how long does it last?


Teams will be declared on Monday, March 5th. After that, practices will be scheduled by the coaches of the various teams. The league has not determined a complete schedule at this time.


Some games may be played on Wednesday nights; typically these games are only scheduled between churches that do not have Wednesday night services. This rule applies to Community, as the Community Kids on Wednesdays will end before the season begins.


Some Saturday games happen because of rainouts during the week. These games are mandatory, in that the league fines the individual teams $50.00 who do not show up. CB does not pay the fine for the team should a Saturday game be forfeited. That responsibility will be the coaches and or parents.


It is a good idea, should the need arise to forfeit a game, for the coach to contact his or her league president as soon as it is known the game cannot be played, so other games can be scheduled, and umpires can be free to work other games.


When will my child have a practice?


Practices are up to the individual coaches.


What is the makeup of the FSCL?


The Fort Smith Church League is made up of volunteers of member churches who give of their time to promote a safe, fun place for kids to play baseball in (what we hope is) a Christian-based environment. These volunteers, which include church commissioners, individual league presidents, and executive committee members give up hundreds of hours of their personal time, as well as vacation days, so the fields are safe, the rules are interpreted correctly, and most importantly, the players, coaches, parents and fans have fun.

More information about the league can be found at fscl.org.  This site includes commission meeting dates, schedules (once available), rules, and organization contacts.


How can I get involved?


To find out how to get involved, such as volunteering to help at a tournament, help coach, or other areas, click HERE.


How are the coaches chosen?


All coaches are volunteers; many choose to repeat each year as coaches.  All head coaches are interviewed each year by ministry staff before being allowed to represent Community. If you wish to find out more about coaching opportunities, click HERE.


Why does Community Bible have a mandatory meeting for players and parents?


Mandatory meetings accomplish three goals:

  1. To order uniforms for the season and pay fees
  2. To allow players, parents, and coaches to meet each other and talk about the upcoming season and expectations
  3. To explain the philosophy and code of conduct required to represent CB as a player or parent in the church league baseball program.

If you have any other questions, please click HERE.